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Our First Year…

November 12, 2011

Thinking back to our beautiful summer crops....

It has been almost exactly one year since we officially moved to Wolfscratch Farms and we have had an amazing first year at Salacoa Co-op and Wolfscratch
Farms! I am staring out at a field that produced food for so many people and am thankful for our successes this year. We couldn’t have done this without help
from so many people. I have been surprised and amazed at how many people have been ready and willing to help us out through our first official year as a farm.
From new neighbors, local supporters, our wonderful worker shares, and of course our first-year CSA members, we have been lucky to meet so many great people.

My family has been reflecting back on our first year and is so appreciative of our loyal members that will be returning next year! We are starting our plans for the approaching growing year and after the upcoming holidays we will put our plans into action. We are excited about planting more vegetable varieties this time around! We will continue our CSA drops in Decatur and Pine Lake but to accommodate more members we will change our pick-up location within Decatur and may have pre-packed baskets for the CSA members.

Please check out our new story featuring the CSA in the upcoming issue of Decatur Living Magazine!

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