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New Additions to Salacoa Co-Op

January 18, 2012

Corey with Emma, a member of the Wolfscratch Farms' goat herd

We have been busy planning for the 2012 growing season, including the addition of a new farm manager at Wolfscratch Farms and a new co-op member, Granny Matt Farms.

Our new farm manager, Corey Deyette, has been a long time family friend who is saying goodbye to the corporate world to come and work  on the farm. He has been helping the co-op on a part-time basis, but opening up more gardens this year has prompted us to ask Corey to come to the farm full time. We are super-excited to have him join us this year!

We have also extended our gardens to a new farm in the Jasper area. Granny Matt Farms will be growing our corn and melons for the CSA and markets this coming year. We are happy to have another local, sustainable farm to add to our growing family and look forward to helping support their efforts to remain a viable, small family farm.

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