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We are still growing!

September 1, 2013

Hello All! As we get ready for fall here it has been said we are the last farm standing after a very rough season. I am happy to say things are still growing, and we are looking forward to a nice fall harvest; sweet potatoes, radishes, spinach, peas and so much more. We are also working to grow our infrastructure by adding two new faces to the Wolfscratch crew. We welcome Clover as Production Manager and Tim as our Field Manager, and are excited to begin this new phase of the vision here. Clover will be taking over a large portion of the communications and markets, while Tim will be backing that up keeping the food at our high level of quality and integrity. If you are interested to see how things are going please join us for the upcoming meet, greet and plant event, the details are listed below. Thanks for all the support out there helping us grow into a model of sustainable agriculture for North Georgia! We would love to hear from you about what you would like to see from us in education and food in the next years, and don’t forget to get on our email list or like us on Facebook to keep up with the wonderful events we will continue to be hosting!

Here at Wolfscratch Farm we are gearing up for an amazing fall season, and we are inviting those who made this possible out to bring the season in the right way. Free grilled food and beer will be provided by the Rosenthals as we gather to to meet the new faces at the farm, and get things cleaned up after a rough season. We would like to welcome Tim and Clover, the new field and production managers of Wolfscratch, as well as welcome some new workshares to the farm. We want to send our appreciation to the workshares and CSA members who have supported us and provide a chance for everyone to meet, greet and share in the vision of creating a place to support and the educate community in healthy lifestyles. We will be working, learning, grilling, and having a lot of fun!
Please RSVP through the contact form below as soon as possible to make sure we have enough food, and we invite you to bring your favorite side item to share with the group.
Saturday September 7th 10am
Remember to dress for the weather and gardening!
We highly recommend work boots or heavy duty galoshes.

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