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We ♥ Hügelkultur!

November 26, 2013

This weekend in our Permaculture 101 class, we took advantage of the lovely working weather and built ourselves a hügelkultur bed by the greenhouse. If you’re not familiar, hügelkultur is a method for construction of specialized raised beds that greatly reduce the need for irrigation while simultaneously building your soil and encouraging burgeoning microbial life that is essential to optimal plant health.


The most important component of the system is the burial of rotting logs at the base, which act as a sponge for long-term water retention and eventually break down into rich humus, feeding your plants for years. photo (1)We’re in the process of installing a hügelkultur  garden on the south side of our greenhouse whose plantings will double as a source of shade for the hot summer months (stacking functions, an essential permaculture concept!).  If this sort of stuff interests you, keep an eye out for classes and workshops that we’ll be offering throughout the growing season next year! One of our most important goals for the farm is that it becomes a center of teaching and learning as much as it is a source of truly good food for the community.

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