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Understanding Where Your Food Comes From

January 26, 2014

One of our biggest motivations for doing what we do at Wolfscratch Farm is summarized nicely in this 5 minute video circulating on Facebook:

Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about where most of the countries current food supply comes from, and what it is doing to our environment (not to mention what it is doing to us as a country). Buying local from small, sustainable farms is one step in changing how we treat our land, animals, and environment. Learning how to grow your own food without the use of chemicals is even better!

Supporting our local farmers (and store owners and other small businesses) is an important way to use your money to support causes that are important to you and your family and in keeping big business from controlling our lives through easy persuasion of government spending and ideology to suit the needs of big business and not the needs of the people.

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  1. February 10, 2014 10:30 am

    That video is fantastic, the sooner we learn to rely on what’s in our neighborhood, the sooner we can start fixing this planet

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