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About our Farm and CSA

Mission Statement

Wolfscratch Farm 2012

We started Wolfscratch Farm to live more sustainably and to grow our own produce so that we can lessen our impact on the earth and increase the biodiversity around us. We never imaged that our small dream would turn into a project to feed over 60 families through a CSA and workershare program.

We take land stewardship seriously and are working to create an earth-friendly, local business to further our goal of leaving our land, our soil, and our animals better than how we found it. Part of our dream is to teach this generation, and the next generation, another way to live that does not rely on super-sized grocery stores and mass produced food. We want to encourage people to think local and support small businesses!

Our farm uses sustainable farming techniques that blend biodynamic, organic, and good old fashion hard work to produce naturally grown, chemical free food that is as good for the environment as it is for our bodies and souls.

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” and allows farmers and the surrounding community to work together to produce healthy, fresh food with an environmentally conscious focus. Essentially, CSA members purchase a share to cover the costs of food production. The farmers will then give each member a portion of their harvest through out the growing season. Joining a CSA lets you be a part of growing your own food and knowing exactly where your food is coming from. It also is a great way to support small, local farmers and to get the freshest foods possible for your dinner table.

How does the Wolfscratch Farm CSA work?

Our CSA model is evolving to meet the needs of our members – check out our CSA page for more information on how we are currently running our program.

You are always welcome to stop by the farm to see what we do, get your hands dirty, and chat with the farmers and their family. We will also have shindigs throughout the year to celebrate our bountiful harvests with our extended CSA family. We will list our parties and events on facebook and our blog to let you know what is happening!

Please feel free to email us at

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  1. William Jaeger permalink
    June 18, 2015 11:28 am

    Hi Jamie,Mitch was great meeting you last week. I signed up as you directed. I will see the farm staff tomorrow afternoon after 3:00.

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