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The New Non-profit Project

Growing Community from Soil to Plate…


Here at Wolfscratch Farm, we have always understood the importance of community and the power of collaboration with friends and supporters. Since its inception, the farm has given rise to a successful CSA, a worker share program, classes, workshops, camps, and fundraisers. Now are taking a step toward something even bigger: our collaboration with The Learning Gardens at Wolfscratch is a non-profit venture that will allow our community – kids and adults alike – to enjoy new camps, classes, and workshops to learn about sustainable farming and healthy eating.

Our mission is to foster community interest in sustainable farming through a connection with your food from the soil to your plate. We are giving the education and tools needed to contribute to a more lasting sustainable solution to the current food system in the US. Through our programs, we teach everything from how to grow sustainable, healthy food to how to cook the food you grow while providing a place for the community to come together for communal eating and sharing of ideas. 

In order to continue moving toward the realization of our mission, we need the support of our community more than ever! Please check out the Learning Gardens at Wolfscratch on their webpage:


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